Thursday, January 20, 2005


Views of Scholars & Writers on Murder Of Shaheed Ashiq Junejo & Conspiracy against Education.

From: salam m
When Shaheed Aashique was preparing for his ongoing exams in the hostels last night, he wouldn't have realized that freedom fighters and hot favorites of some oversees Sindhis would be planing for his murder next day.
He did not know that his murderers have already received instructions that there should be no classes in the Sindh and Mehran University after tomorrow.
Aashiq, who was just 26, when received the first bullet of .30 bore TT, could he realize, could he imagine that from now on their would be several so-called nationalist who would be making lame excuses for his murder who would say that actually the killers were practicing and rehearsing the final War of Sindhoo Desh.
Alllaarey, munhinjo sadaa mlook put halyo wiyo,
Aay Ashiq aba mottee ach, Abba moon marhee khey na maar.
O! Adda!, O munhinja bha, bhann khay chaday mattan wanjeen.
Behold, spare some time to imagine about the funeral of Shaheed Aashiq Junejo, can you see the crying young sisters and the unconscious old mother, why they cant understand that the murder of their son, their brother was essential for Sindhoo Desh , they should have realized that postponement of Exams is the first and primary step of freedom fight.
Salam--- M Bhurgri
From: AN Shaheen
Date: Monday, February 08, 1999 12:02 PM
Shaheed Ashiq Junejo, a student of B.A. (Hons) part 1, Sindhi Literature,
Sindh University Jamshoro was gunned down by Jeay Sindh Students Federation (JSSF) terrorists on Saturday.
He was murdered in bright day light in the presence of hundreds of students in university premises, supposed to be guarded by law enforcing agencies at the hands of the Terrorist Mafia known to be paid and patronized by the university administration, corrupt, criminal and characterless VC Nazir Mughal and the government.
This JSSF Terrorist Mafia prevents the continuation of studies through self granted leaves and prohibits examinations without payment to them of BHATTA. This government patronized crime throws a challenge to all decent, law abiding and conscious men of Sindh and Pakistan
From: razak rind
Date: Tuesday, February 09, 1999 12:33 AM
I am shocked.
How did they do it??
How did the police and university administration allow them to brutally murder innocent Ashiq?
What about those slogans of non-violence, freedom, education and human rights??
How our educated & scholarly minds and some oversees friends have been supporting these criminals and terrorists?
I have seen today's newspapers none of those murderers mentioned in FIR has been arrested, Why?? Who is protecting them??
We offer deepest condolence and sympathy to the parents and friends of Shaheed Ashiq Junejo at the unfortunate loss of their beloved. We pray that the soul of Shaheed Ashiq rest in peace and God gives strength to his relatives.
Razak Hyderabad
From: Maqsood M Gulzar
Matter of shame for those who justify the cause of murder and for them who make political lame excuses for the protection of these anti Sindh terrorists.
From: ism khas
Dear Anita And Maqsood,
These are the same agencies paid terrorists who murdered Ali Mardan Shah, Jan Ahmed Khoro, Sarwar Chandio and others and who were involved in kidnapings of Ameer Ali Ari, Hasan Ali Bapar, Ghous Jattoi etc. If you want to know more details about their brutality, intrigue, treason and betrayel then ask from Aziz Bhangwar, Ali Hayder Shah, Sattar Morio, Rahmatullah Hisbani, Madad ALi Sindhi and Iqbal Tareen who left them because of their crimes and anti Sindhi role. They did not even feel shame in attacking director IBS Professor Aijaz Qureshi and threatening journailsts infront of Hyderabad pressclub.
Yes, Shame on those who justify them, make excuses for their crimes and
try to divert our attention from their anti education campaign.
From: Ajeet Nankani
I am fully agreed with Anita.
These so called students wings of political parties have totally destroyed the environment of educational institutions particularly these three (MUET, Sindh and LMC) institution in Jamshoro. They have bluffed with the Sindhi nation in the name of "Sindhi Qome Parsti", and if this is called the student politics i am in full favour of banning these organizations from educational institutions.
Ajeet Nankani
Tanveer Junejo
Today is the 6th February my birthday, there are just 17 students in the classromm out of 40, At about 11-30 I heard the sound of gunshots, "Ya Ilahhe Khair".
"Is it a boycott?" asks Sikender Junejo.
"Madam please close the door" says Seema.
I got out of class and asked from a student leader, "What is wrong?"
Disinformation cell starts its work, 'Nothing special Madam, SST's student has started firing and ran away, now police is following him"
They did not tell me that a student Ashiq was encircled by the wolves, surrounded by the vultures. Suddenly Bachayo appears, "Madam a young boy has been shot down by JSSF"
ALLAH KERAY SHAL BACHEE WANGEN" Two girls fell down unconscious.
I had to go to city for a meeting with Gul Mastoi and Altaf abro, but could not decide.
I could not understand, a boy has started firing chased by police and then shot down, why???
Suddenly the news comes, "He is dead." I could not breathe. Dr Sahams Siddiqui asks about the incident. What should I say, Lets ask from Madam Mumtaz Bhutto.
Professor Madam Mumtaz Bhutto is in depression. She says, " He was murdered in front of me and I could not do anything."
Today was my birthday, and they killed, they butchered Ashiq who came to appear in his paper, who was alone, empty handed and innocent.
Professor Madam Tanweer Junejo
Sindh University Jamshoro
Daily Ibrat
From: Gul Agha
Date: Wednesday, February 24, 1999 10:25 AM
I don't know of anyone who is condoning terrorism or protecting terrorists. As I have said, it is all very sad and it is against our culture.. for those of us living in societies with the rule of law the belief that criminals should be found and given a fair and open trial goes without saying. This simply leaves open the question: who are the terrorists? Indeed, I was puzzled by the apparent characterization of the murder in WSC press release as an "armed clash" (perhaps they were referring to something else?). What I have read of it, suggests that it was indeed a cold-blooded murder by someone. That said, none of us sitting 10,000 miles away are in a position to investigate the gruesome murder or assign responsibility. You will agree that one should not compound the wrong by accusing any individual who might be innocent of complicity in such a heinous crime as murder without good evidence. Most of us know little of who is involved in what, or even who the people are, belong to no political organizations, ...
But rest assured that we are all saddened to hear of the violence, sympathize with the innocent and we appeal for a return to our ancient pacifist values and the teachings of our saints.
sadaaiin ggaddu,
Prof. Gul Agha USA
Madam Mumtaz Bhutto
I was in my office when I heard the gunshots, then a young student of first year (Ashiq)came in my office, innocent face, scared eyes, "Madam! Please save me."
I sent him to bathroom and then closed the door. But would you believe 30 to 35 ghundas were chasing this boy. They surrounded my room, they had weapons, bricks and sticks, I requested them to spare him, I really begged them.
But they refused, "Leave this room immediately otherwise you would face the consequences."
I called a policeman, but he refused & said we don't have orders to interfere.
Then I went inside, but they had finished their work, the boy was dead.
And I could not do anything, a mother could not save his son.
Professor Madam Mumtaz Bhutto
Sindh University Jamshoro
Daily Ibrat
Inam Shaikh
How unfortunate it is that student leaders who are involved in extortions and blackmailing culture have been declared heroes of nationalism for decades. In 1972 the aggressive group of JSSF (Yousif Jakhrani, Aziz Bhangwar, Nooral Junejo) had assumed the command of Jeay Sindh politics and moderate leaders like Mola Bux Chandio and Zameer Larak were removed from surface, since then the weapons have been dominating the ideology. When ever I walk through Arts Faculty corridor I remember the humble, respectful & courageous face of Ashiq Junejo, When ever I think about his brutal murder, I remember the poetry of Momin:
Kiya Bemurawat Khalq Hey,
Sab Jammaa haiN bismel Ke pas,
Qatil mera tanha raha,
Koee naheeN qatil ke pas.
Inam Shaikh
Daily Kawish
From: AN Shaheen
Date: Friday, February 26, 1999 9:52 AM
Here are some contributions made by JSSF towards Sindhi Nation:
-Jeay Sindh Students Federation (JSSF) murdered Ali Mardan Shah, Jan Ahmed Khero, Sarwar Chandio and others in the leadership of Yousif Jakhrani.
-JSSF had severely beaten DSF's president Shaheed Nazir Abbasi in Physics dept.
-They kidnapped SPSF's chairman Ameer Ali Aeri, Hasan Ali Bapar, Hussain Jarwar & Ghous Jattoi of SST.
-They murdered another Chairman of SPSF Shaheed Iqbal Heesbani during Zia's martial-law.
-They attacked PPP SB's Mumtaz and Wazir Bhand in Tandojam University.
-JSSF shot SPSF leader Lala Jahangeer.
-They attacked Dr Ghulam Ali Allana's house.
-They had savagely beaten Dr Hagi Mahmood Memon of Mehran University.
-JSSF attacked the house of Mehran University's teacher Anwer Baloch, beat him in front of his wife and kids, made him nude and photographed him.
-They attacked Feroz Shah Hussaini of MUET and ultimately he had to resign.
-They attacked and beat Dr Irshad Moriani in front of main LMC gate.
-JSSF attacked on Prof Feroze Qazi of commerce dept and injured his head by paper weight.
-They attacked and severely injured Director IBS Professor Aijaz Qureshi.
-JSSF have recently murdered Faisal of PPP Shaheed Bhutto group in Mehran.
-They have recently murdered Mustaf Muree of SPSF.
-The final and most recent victim of Sindhoo Desh Terrorists force was Shaheed Ashiq Junejo.
Shame on those who justify them, make excuses for their crimes and
try to divert our attention from their traitorous anti education, anti
Sindh campaign.
From: Rahman A. Soomro
Date: Saturday, February 27, 1999 9:12 AM
I am certain that there are quite a few more incidents that have had occurred. I can remember a few while I was at Mehran during 19978-1996, as a student and a teacher then.
Once Dr. S.M. Qureshi, former VC of Mehran, said, while talking about SuperHighWay robberies, "It is shameful to learn that footprints of the robbers lead to the university student hostels."
It is not just only JSSF, there are many other elements around too. It is true that JSSF has been on top of the list all the time.
Sometimes, I wonder how to stop this campus terrorist culture, which has been around for ages now. I was also threatened for occupying a room in Latif Hostel, which had "Reserved for JSSF" written on the door. In those days, the tradition was that if someone is unhappy with you, they would invite fellow friends from other universities to beat you up, so that you cannot even recognize them. This is what happened with Dr. Abdul-Ahad Abro, when he was beaten in his
office of Dean. Tando Jam team came to fix him right on behalf of Mehran's.
Untraditionally, Mr. Sarwar Shah, principal of Nawab Shah campus of MUET then, was thrown out of his office and had his chair burnt by the local team.
I remember Saeen Sarwar Shah cursing one of them, "XYZ (he called his name), you will never live a peaceful life." Believe it or not, I have been hearing about that boy very bad things. He was on drugs then, he used to work for grade 10 or 11. God know what he is doing these days.
Saeen Sarwar Shah was one the most intelligent teachers I have ever had in my life. He used to teach us Mathematics. He was a soft spoken, very kind, simple and tall person. Even Dr. S.M. Qureshi, then VC, used to respect him.
I think those who are involved in mischiefs with teachers and fellow students, barbaric and brutal events are innocent countryside young boys, who are very vulnerable to be attracted by seasoned political monsters. They provide them money to be used on their fingertips and make them act like their puppets. Once these innocent boys leave the campus, their hand are already tainted with the crap. They altimetry leave campuses without learning education. In consequences, they face big time problems in the real world.
Honestly, speaking I have very many sympathies for them. As I had lived among them, mostly they belong to very poor families -- sons of farmer, daily wage workers, etc. Once at Mehran, parents of so-called leaders were summoned by the authorities. When I saw them while passing by, you won't believe me how innocent people they were. They were crying badly for their children's activities. It was very sad to see the old and innocent people cry badly. Some of them did not have a suitable attire to wear. They were so poor that you cannot stand them see in the situation.
They thought their children had been doing what they were sent to universities for. I still remember one old person telling us that his son was the only son after few daughters. All family members thought that he would become an engineer and he would support his father to get his sisters married. It is a very common scenario in our culture.
Finally, I will say those who are involved in campus terrorism are naive and sold talents. I think there should be a campaign to educate them, what they are doing is indeed shooting in their own feet. I have a friend who was involved in such activities. Later he had an opportunity to work aborad or immigrate ( I don't recall) his police report was so bad that could not avail the opportunity. He used to curse not only himself, but also the politician who used them at that time, and did not even recognized him, when he begged them to get him a job -- he was no more useful tool for them. It is very sad, isn't it ...
Dr Rahman Soomro USA
Jami Chandio
Murder of Ashiq Junejo by JSSF during exams has been asking us that if we don't get rid of this criminal politics then how would we save ourselves from national suicide?
If we will make a list of university student leaders of JSSF during last fifteen years we will find that their majority was criminal and BHATTA KHOR.
Jami Chandio
Editor Daily Ibrat 17 Feb, 1999.
Date: Sunday, February 28, 1999 1:39 PM
I have been receiving an awful lot of posts on this sad subject and might I add without knowing why was I added to the list. I have myself had some misgivings about the lists and believe that conciously or unconciously these have become properties of few individuals. I for one think this has limited the participation on these limits. Be that as it may, I am appalled at the content and quality of the discourse under this subject. The basic issue has been buried under the free flow of mudslinging. I am deeply saddened and feel to the core of my heart the pain and suffering that the parents, the family and the friends of the unfortunate young man Ashiq Junejo feel. I say that because I too lost my own brother at a very young age and I still feel the pain of him not being around. In our Sindhi tradition, we offer condolence and consolation after death,irrespective of if the deceased was a friend or a foe. We do not go hunting down with guns
blazing to tear each other apart.
Saeen G. M. Syed and Saeen Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto are no more in this world. Sure they made mistakes but we all make mistakes. There is no point in dwelling on these mistakes. They also did few good things. Let us be positive and remember them with what good they did. Their legacy will always be with us to learn lessons from. Please! let their souls rest in peace. Saeen Rasool Bux Palijo is one of our elder learned and wise man. You may disagree with his politics but please respect him as a person. Do not be fixated on one or the other thing that you disagree with. Look at the person as a whole and at his entire life. All these people (i.e., GM Syed, ZA Bhutto, RB Palijo, etc.) have practically given their lives for whatever they believed was right. What good will it do to malign their integrity and good work?
Expatriate Sindhis are concerned about Sindh, may be not as much as are the Sindhis in Sindh. They do whatever is possible under very trying circumstances to keep the candle of Sindhyat burning. Perhaps, we should do more. Nevertheless, to suggest that we do not care like some writers from Karachi is disingenuous. It may very well be due to the confusion caused by helplessness that some feel in Sindh.
As to the issue of terrorism in Sindh's educational institutions, let me tell you I have studied in some of these institutions and had a good fortune of teaching in some of them as well. I can say that I have seen it all. All student groups are proxies of the outside political parties and all of them are involved in terrorism to one degree or another. Some may be touting guns and the others hurling abuses, but they are all involved nonetheless. By blaming each other they seem to think they can muddy the waters enough to continue the practice. The real culprits are the political parties, some faculty members, some administrative personnel, agencies, state machinery and even some NGOs. All of them use and exploit these innocent or not so innocent
students for their vested interests. The real loosers are the students themselves, their parents, our nation and our institutions. Let me also hasten to add that the situation is more or less the same throughout Pakistan. It is not only Sindhi students who are involved in these misdeeds but also the Punjabis, Pathans, Balochs and Panahgirs. On a macro scale, the entire Pakistani society is rotting at its core. It would be absurd to blame just the students. But that is a discussion for another day. The right thing to do in my humble opinion is to condemn terrorism in all of its forms and terrorists of all hue and color.
Finally, in this particular case, the heinous killing of a young Sindhi Ashiq Junejo must be vigorously condemned. An impartial inquiry should be demanded to bring all of the culprits to the book, tried, and given exemplary punishments. Also, all efforts should be made to raise the consciousness of people against the spread of terrorism in Sindh educational institutions and rid these institutions of terrorists. Lastly, I suggest a fund should be formed for the victim's family or scholarship in his memory. I end with a Bait from Murshid Shah Latif:
MarRNa aGey jay moaa, say maree THiya na maati
hoonda say hayatu, jeeaRNa aGey jay jeeya.
My translation:
Who died before death, perish did not in dyeing,
they shall live for ever, who lived before life.
Sadeen Gadu
Altaf A. Memon, Ph.D.
Professor and Director Environmental Management Program
University of Maryland UCCollege Park, MD, USA
Asif Baladi
Ashiq! Whenever we will remember you, we will have to remember our own sins. When I read that you were murdered by JSSF, I felt so ashamed and so embarrassed that I could not face any one for a long time.
Whatever reasons we would give, whatever justifications we would innovate for this is brutality, this is a murder. If SST were allowed to organize itself in Sindh University, it would have been a democratic gesture. What else they could do except starting study circles and ideological discussions. I want to quote Molana Ubedullah Sindhi who said that change yourself otherwise you would be destroyed.
Central Leader Jeay Sindh.
From: ism khas
Date: Saturday, March 20, 1999 4:22 AM
Anita, Rahman and Salam,
Have you heard about the recent barbarian adventure of those establishment patronized so-called nationalists, day before yesterday they have attacked the Tando Jam Agriculture University's director students affair Sayed Jabbar Shah who has been severely injured and
admitted to the hospital, his mistake was that he issued explanation letters to some student leaders who were involved in crimes, extortion and kidnappings.
Now our respectable dear friends would suggest that don't blame any organization, lets talkgeneral and criticize vaguely without naming the culprits. They will suggest formulas for betterment of education but would not suggest any punishment for criminals and terrorists.
Can I ask them that as Sindh has been oppressed and victimized for centuries by foreign invaders and rulers, therefore Nawaz & MQM are continuity of those invaders, so as per their formula should we not blame Nawaz and MQM and lets talk general without naming the assailants and enemies?? Our oversees Sindhis can easily say that every one has oppressed us so why should we name & blame the top rankers like Nawaz.